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Crash Warning Issued by Microsoft with latest Windows 10 Update

Recently Microsoft has released another update for Windows 10 along with the warning that the users might that face frequent crashes of the new Edge browser who have Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) graphics chipset.

It has build 10122 followed by its predecessor by three weeks and three times longer than the interval between build 10074 and its precursor. Also, two months ago, Microsoft declared to speed up the pace of Windows 10 updates and since then it has been delivering one every 16 days on an average. Microsoft Technical Support team can help you with the complete details regarding the Windows 10 update.

The engineering general manager for Microsoft’s operating system group, Gabriel Aul revealed the improvements in build 10122 but before he launched it he called out a big bug.

‘If you have an AMD GPU (graphics processor unit) there are chances you will run into frequent crashes in Microsoft Edge’ written by Aul on a company blog. He mentioned ‘We are working with our partners at AMD on new drivers which should prevent the issue and will update the post after they are released’.

Edge is the new browser which is default on Windows 10 devices and AMD is best known for its Radeon graphics cards and chipsets. Users can avoid the issue by switching to the Windows 10 slow ring which is the slower of the two release tracks- told by AUL or you can call at the Microsoft Support Number for frequent issues with Windows 10.

Aul publicized several changes to Windows 10 which includes improvements to the Start menu and Start screen and how they can be toggled by the users along with the introduction of a new ‘new tab page’ in Edge and changes to how the OS plans an app to a specific file type.

The new tab page showed by the company last month at its Build developer conference which is a revamp of the current thumbnails which are the only approach used by Internet Explorer. In Edge, the new tab appears when the user requests a new tab is filled with not only images of the frequently visited websites but also with news and other content from MSN as well as apps highlighted by Microsoft.

The latter shows how aggressive Microsoft is in promoting Windows Store apps which are the biggest revenue generators in the company’s strategy to monetize the free OS. Aul also pointed out that after some time the updates would fine-tune the new OS but will not make major changes. ‘From now onwards you will see fewer big feature changes from build to build and more tuning, tweaking, stabilizing and polishing’ as said by Aul. Also, Microsoft has yet to narrow down its broad ‘this summer’ release timeline.


If you have any further doubts or queries related to Microsoft Windows 10 update then you can contact the technicians by calling at the Microsoft Help Number.


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