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How do I get AOL Mail to operate on my iPhone?

Before attempting any of the suggested fixes, be sure the issue isn't with the app's primary server or something internal to your device. If the issue is with the server, you'll have to wait until the company fixes it. If, on the other hand, the problem is with your device, you can use the methods listed below to fix it. However, try putting your iPhone in flight/airplane mode and then turning it off again to see whether the problem was caused by an internet issue.

AOL Mail down difficulties can be fixed with a few simple hacks.

  • Close the AOL Mail app completely - Close the AOL Mail app completely (together with any other apps or programmer running in the background), then try to launch it again.
  • Check for app and system upgrades - Go to your device's app store to see if the AOL Mail app has been updated. Visit your device's settings menu to check for system updates.
  • Clear cache and data - Cache and data may usually be cleared through your device's settings menu. This step helps clear up space by removing temporary files.
  • Uninstall/Reinstall the AOL Mail app - You can uninstall and reinstall the AOL Webmail software on certain devices to help resolve any issues.
  • Restart your device - Restarting your smartphone will help you refresh the entire device, removing any unneeded apps running in the background that may be interfering with the operation of other apps. It also re-establishes the internet connection.


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